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On the morning of September 4, 1957, fifteen-year-old Dorothy Counts set out on a harrowing path toward Harding High, where-as the first African American to attend the all-white school – she was greeted by a jeering swarm of boys who spat, threw trash, and yelled epithets at her as she entered the building.

Charlotte Observer photographer Don Sturkey captured the ugly incident on film, and in the days that followed, the searing image appeared not just in the local paper but in newspapers around the world.

People everywhere were transfixed by the girl in the photograph who stood tall, her five-foot-ten-inch frame towering nobly above the mob that trailed her. There, in black and white, was evidence of the brutality of racism, a sinister force that had led children to torment another child while adults stood by. While the images display a lot of evils: prejudice, ignorance, racism, sexism, inequality, it also captures true strength, determination, courage and inspiration.

Here she is, age 70, still absolutely elegant and poised.

she deserves to be re-blogged. 

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June 15, 2013

Dear Backers,

In the video that launched our Kickstarter campaign, the first person you saw on screen was Ryan Hansen, just sitting in Kristen’s living room and laughing. At me, as it turned out.

Almost a year and a half after directing Ryan in that video, it’s a relief to admit what many of you have suspected all week: Ryan Hansen will return as Dick Casablancas.

I could say more about Ryan, and how much I’ve enjoyed working with him — on both Veronica Mars and Party Down – but that would keep you from watching the video he sent along.

And trust me, I want you to see this. Probably more than once.

When you’re done re-watching that – go ahead, I’ll wait – please join me in welcoming Ryan back in the comments, or say hello to him on Twitter as @HiRyanHansen.

Two days left until we start shooting. We’ve come a long way, gang.

Have a good weekend,


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June 13, 2013



Everyone should read this. 


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May 22, 2013

“We’re good friends off screen and I think that helps. She’s clever and inventive and uhm….she works hard. And I think all of those things allow you to - you know - start on a chemistry together.”

love these two!

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October 15, 2012


adam is great in this omg 

September 21, 2012
KC Rep Pippin Preview

Alright so here is the deal: I may be biased because I work for the Kansas City Repertory Theatre, but I have been a fan of musical theatre a lot longer than my employment for this amazing theatre company. With that preface, I must say how incredible our first show of the season, Pippin, is. We had the best choreographer, music director, sound & lightening designer bringing this somewhat back burner musical into the 21st century. This show is exciting & relatable to all ages. This preview video is such a wonderful representation of this show! I cannot wait for Opening Night tomorrow!

September 17, 2012


Girls Season 2: Tease

OMG so excited!

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September 12, 2012
The Psychology of Color.

The Psychology of Color.

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